Samdar PragerSmadar Prager is practicing ‎psychotherapy, counseling, guidance and lecturing adult groups, families, couples &  ‎individuals in the ‎field of Parenthood and Family as well as in the field of Weight Loss, ‎Nutrition, ‎Exercise & Women’s Body and Eating Problems. For the past 11 years she ‎shared ‎her knowledge and love with Individuals, Private Business and ‎Government Bodies.‎
She believes that the body and the soul are inseperatable. Her work is holistic and integrative. 
She ‎incorporates different psychological theories and approaches: Adler, Winnicot, Mahler, ‎Feminist Psychoanalytical Treatment Model, Logotherapy, Cognitive and Behavioral. Her ‎therapeutic approach concentrates on short term treatment, which emphasizes a more ‎open, mutual and equal relationship in order to have the opportunity to work on a specific ‎issue in a more intensive manner.‎‎

In 2002 her first book Sane Weightloos was published by Matar Publishing House in Israel. 
The book had ‎become a bestseller.‎ Since the book had been published Smadar get enthusiastic responses from people that found ‎themselves captivated in the process.  She launched the Sane-Way website and manage the ‎community forum that was created to cater the women who whishes to change their lives. Smadar also published dozens of
Articles (in Hebrew). ‎

מכון אדלרSmadar holds a BA degree in Education, Guidance and Counseling,  she is a Certified Licensed Group Therapist from The Alfred Adler Institutein Israel for Leading, ‎Counseling, Teaching & Treatment, in association with The Israeli Ministry of ‎Education.‎

AFAA CERTIFIED She graduated The Aerobic & fitness Instructors Program for a ‎Diploma, as well as an Extensive Course for a Diploma in Human Nutrition with ‎emphasis on Athletes Nutrition. Both from The Wingate Institutein Israel for ‎Physical Education & Sport, The Nat Holman School for Coaches & Instructors, ‎in association with The Israeli Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport.‎ She is also
AFAA Certified.

סמדר פרגר דיפלומה WTCI

WTCI - Smadr Prager is a Member of Women's Therapy Centere AssociationIn 2006 she graduated the One Year Post-Graduate Training Program in Eating & Body Problems from the Women's Therapy Centre Institute in New York: A Cultural, Relational, Psychoanalytic Feminist Framework Treatment Model.
Supervised by: Anne L. Wennerstrand

ISMHO - Smadr Prager is a Member of the International Society for Mental Health OnlineSmadar is a member of the WTCA: The Women's Therapy Centre Association, the International Society for Mental Health Online, the Woman’s Studies Forum in Tel-Aviv University in Israel, the Adler Institute Association in Israel, and AFAA.‎ ‎

Smadar lives in Long Island, NY since 2003; she is married since 1986 and the proud mother of 3 magnificent ‎boys. ‎ She was released from Tzahal (IDF, Israel Defense Forces, the Israelie military) in 1983 as a Lieutenant.‎


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