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Sane Way Menu – How to be Slim and Healthy for life
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° Breakfast:
Food isn’t the problem:  Food is the solution to the problem.
Food solves the need to be fed: It alone can satisfy the hungry.
° Snack #1:
Girls as young as 3 years old are preoccupied with their appearance, and the extent to which they're slim or not--and 75% of women of normal weight think they are fat. 
It's not your fault that you feel bad about your appearance; in our society it's impossible not to.  
° Snack #2:
Satiation is not only a feeling in the stomach.  It's a complex of sense gratification: smell, taste, sight, memories...
Be sure that every meal is a celebration of tastes and pleasure, of all you truly love. Preparing recipes is a wonderful, creative way to provide loving self-care, and to enjoy quality nourishment from the raw material stage to the platter.  
° Lunch:
85% of women are involved with diets, on a diet, or thinking about dieting.
Dieting is not the solution.  98% of all who've dieted gain the weight back, and then some!
° Snack #3:
Your- mouth wasn’t intended for eating alone.
Use your mouth to express feelings, too. Give space and verbal expression to what you need, feel, think, and want.
° Snack #4:
Move! Shift your body about!
Free yourself from all sorts of aches, discomforts, and difficulties--not only physical ones, definitely emotional ones, too.
° Supper:
24% of women and 7% of men would give up three years of their lifespan to achieve their desired weight!
The time has come to live sanely: The weight will straighten itself out and your body will find its own balance if you only let your body/soul to simply live and be who you are. 
° Midnight snack:
Demand feeding is the only diet that truly works for life.
Eat only when you are physically hungry, and stop when your stomach signals you that it's full. The body’s hunger and satiation mechanism is the body’s natural way to balance its own weight and to bring you to your healthy and natural size. 
Good Luck!           

Source: Sane Weightloss © Smadar Prager’s Henrew home site
English translation by Esther Liberman


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